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Monday, April 17, 2006

My Quilts so far

Well I am taking the plunge- this is my first post.
This is my last quilt. "Petunia I'm Pink"

This quilt is dedicated to my grandmother Marion Elizabeth Powers,

December 21, 1903– August 7, 1993.

She told me that every house needs an elephant as it will bring it luck. Over the years she had given me several ceramic lucky elephants that she had made. I recently learned that my cousin, who shared the same initials as her, had no mementos of hers. He grew up with her and felt particularly close to her. So this last Christmas I sent him one of the lucky elephants my grandmother had made. After sharing this story with others I decided to create this quilt. I had already named her Petunia “I’m Pink” for several weeks, but coincidently during a phone call with my cousins daughter, she informed me that her mother calls her Petunia! Petunia is meant to be!


Blogger Patti O said...

This is so much fun and your quilts are fabulous!!! You have inspired me to be more conscious of making sure I take photos of my quilts and showing them off to others. Last night was fun - I am going out to buy a heat gun today so I can make more beads....

8:36 AM  

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